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Door Hoods for Homes

What is a door hood? It is an awning that is found over the door of a home. Not only can door hoods make a decorative statement about the residences they adorn, but they also provide protection from the elements like rain, snow, and even the sun -- as you enter and leave your residence.

Door hoods come in several material types, including canvas, fiberglass, aluminum and copper. In addition to offering you protection, door hoods can display identifiers such as address numbers, making it easier for visitors, delivery people and service personnel to locate your home.


Why choose atlantic awning?

With a long history of superb design and manufacturing at our own Melrose, MA facility, atlantic awning is the company to trust for all types of residential door hoods. Found on homes all over Greater Boston and New Hampshire, our door hoods have a simple, functional design, and are constructed with only the highest quality materials and components. Every one of our custom awnings is built to withstand the demands of use for years to come.


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